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We accept empirical research, action research, short reports (profile reports), classroom-based research (any form of inquiry done with the intent that the research will inform, improve, and/or change practices in the future), lesson studies, policy reviews, and evaluative studies.

  1. Original manuscripts from individual and multiple authors are welcome. The manuscripts should be original, not under review by any other publication and not published elsewhere. Submissions may be in English or Filipino. Inclusive language should be used with reference to human communities. "Man," "men," "he/his" are to be used when they clearly refer to male referents. "Person," "people," or "he/ she," “his/ her,” are to be used for mixed or indeterminate referents.

  2. Manuscripts should be 2,000 to 6,000 words maximum, excluding references. Any submissions that fail to conform to the submission guidelines will be returned.

  3. To facilitate the reading and editing of articles, authors should make sure to:

    • use Microsoft Word document, Times New Roman size 12 (or its equivalent)
    • double-space the whole article
    • cite sources using APA (7th edition) for all other works and MLA (latest edition) for Language and Literature, History, Philosophy, and related disciplines (consistency of citation format is needed)
    • check that all in-text citations have their corresponding bibliographic citations
    • Create an anonymized version and a version of the file with author details. Prepare these manuscripts both in Microsoft Word (doc) format and Portable Document Format (pdf)
    • Soft copies of both files shall be created in letter size (8.5x11) document

  4. Data-based articles must have the following sections:

    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Overview of the research (research topic, rationale for undertaking the research, context of the problem, brief discussion of relevant literature)
      • - Research question and sub-questions
      • - Research sample
    • Method
      • - approach used (qualitative, quantitative, mixed method)
      • - data collection techniques
      • - methods of analysis
    • Results and Discussion
    • - key findings
    • - discussion of findings in terms of the research question
    • - Conclusion
    • - Recommendation

  5. Table and/ or figures contained in an article should be incorporated into the document file. For special photos/figure and/or characters that cannot be incorporated in the document, a clean, clear copy should be provided for scanning.

  6. Prepare a copy of your manuscript that includes “author details” and another copy that does not include details or any information that would identify the author’/s. Label the file with authors details as “Last Name, First Name_with author details” and the other file as “anonymous.”


For your inquiries and questions, kindly email the JoSR Editor-in-Chief at: