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CRE is committed to the delivery of the research programs, and the administration of evaluation/performance appraisal to the academic administrators and faculty of St. Scholastica’s College Manila. Established in 2021, CRE is a product of the merging of the Institutional Research and Academic Development Office and Institutional Statistics and Evaluation Center. The center is responsible for ensuring that research programs and publications, ethical standards in research, intellectual property policies, and quality evaluation systems and statistical analysis are in place at St. Scholastica’s College.


Consortium of Women’s Colleges
South Manila Educational Consortium

St. Scholastica’s College Manila maintains its external linkages thru memberships in consortia. SSC takes an active role at the South Manila Educational Consortium (SMEC), which has a membership of 12 universities and colleges located in the south Manila area. As a higher educational institutional that is committed to educating young women (and men), SSC is a part of the Consortium of Women’s Colleges, with member schools consisting of the 3 women’s colleges in the Philippines. The center actively involves itself in the various research projects and activities under the research committee of these consortia.